//Accident Reports: How They Can Be Helpful In a Personal Injury Case

Accident Reports: How They Can Be Helpful In a Personal Injury Case

The screeching of tires. The sound of glass shattering. Metal twisting and turning due to the force of another vehicle. These are all things you will probably experience when involved in a car wreck. Being hit by another vehicle is a terrifying experience that can lead to a lot of damage and long-term injuries. When involved in an accident that was not your fault, consulting with a personal injury attorney is a must. One of the most vital pieces of information you should obtain following an incident like this is an accident report. The police will fill out these reports to assess who was at fault and to get reports from witnesses who saw what transpired. Accident reports can be used for a number of things in a personal injury case and here are some of those uses.

Getting a Layout of the Accident Scene

When filling out this report, the first thing a police officer will do is make a diagram of the scene. The description the office gives of this scene can make or break a personal injury case. Generally, things like the presence of skid marks and the position of the vehicles involved in the accident can be very telling. Your lawyer will be able to take a look at this part of the report and let you know whether or not your case is strong enough to pursue.

Statements from the Witnesses

Talking with the people who witnesses what transpired before, during and after an accident is also an important part of making an accident report. The police officer will speak with each of the witnesses and get their contact information to put into the report. The personal injury lawyer handling your case will be able to contact these witnesses and get them to testify on your behalf. Having multiple people corroborating the story you have told can help you win a personal injury case.

Information about the Injuries Sustained in the Accident

The police office filling out the accident report will also record information about the injuries sustained in the accident. While this will not be as detailed as a doctor’s report will be, it will be helpful during a personal injury case. If any medical treatments are given onsite to you or the other person involved in the wreck, the police office will make note.

The severity of injuries sustained in a car accident will dictate the amount of compensation a victim is awarded. The only way to put a price tag on your injuries is by consulting with a personal injury lawyer. There are a number of laws and regulations designed to put a cap on the amount of compensation accident victims can receive. Your lawyer will have in-depth knowledge of these laws and can give you a rough estimate of how much money you may be entitled to.

The help provided by a personal injury attorney during this difficult time is worth its weight in gold. Seeking out the help of a lawyer is the only way to find out what your rights are following a car accident.

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