//Helpful Tips for Avoiding Winter Accidents

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Winter Accidents

The winter months are often especially challenging while on the road in Kansas City. With all the snow and ice, strong winds, and strong temperatures, the harsh driving conditions can often turn a leisurely afternoon drive into one that is much more perilous.

The bottom line is that poor visibility, windy conditions, and icy roads don’t mix well. The good news is, there are a few ways you can protect yourself, as well as others who are on the road. If the weather is less than ideal, then taking extra precautions and driving defensively is a must. Some other tips that can help you while on the road are found here.

Maintain a Safe Driving Distance

The first rule related to driving defensively – in all types of weather – is to ensure there is plenty of space in between your vehicle and the vehicles around you. When there are icy conditions present, this is even more important. Icy roads mean that you need to have more time and space to brake. Also, when visibility is low, it may be difficult for you to see the brake lights of the vehicle in front of you. Give yourself a bit of extra space for any sudden merges, turns, or stops.

Keep Your Vehicle’s Windshield Clear

Before you set out for a drive in winter, you need to make sure your windshield is fully defrosted. Also, remove any snow on the glass, as well as on your mirrors and lights. Make sure to give yourself extra time in the morning if snow is expected. It is also a good idea to keep your windshield washer fluid full in the winter. If it begins to snow without any warning while you are driving, you need to clear the ice quickly.

Stay Aware and Watch for Invisible Ice

During a rainstorm in the winter, it is extremely common for soft snow or rain to fall onto the asphalt and then freeze immediately. This can quickly coat the road in a thin layer of ice. When this first happens, the ice is clear, rather than white. It may even appear blackish in color. As a result, it is often very difficult to see this type of ice. Make sure to remain aware when conditions are icy.

Drive at a Reduced Speed

It is important to be very careful when it is just starting to rain or snow in the winter. This is usually when fresh and extremely slippery ice is going to form. Newly fallen snow or ice is extremely dangerous since it can mix with the oil on the road and cause your vehicle to slide uncontrollably. The best thing to do is to drive slower than normal in bad weather.

If you find that you have been injured while driving in winter weather, due to the fault of another person, it is best to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered. The attorneys at Bautista LeRoy can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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