//Nursing Homes in Missouri Ranked as Some of the Worst in the United States

Nursing Homes in Missouri Ranked as Some of the Worst in the United States

According to government records, the state of Missouri has some of the worst nursing homes in the entire country. In the past three years alone, the deaths of up to 28 nursing home residents in Missouri were the result of neglect or carelessness. Some of the causes of these deaths were staff that wasn’t properly trained to administer CPR, bedsores and medication errors, among others. Every single one of these deaths was preventable.

Even though that fact is shocking enough, the almost 30 people who died in nursing homes is not the end of the story. Because of under-reporting by nursing homes, most experts believe there were many more victims in that period of time.

Protecting Nursing Home Residents

While attorneys are here to help when you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, there are also organizations out there providing resources to families. One is the Families for Better Care, which is a non-profit citizen advocacy group that is dedicated to bringing public awareness to nursing home conditions, as well as conditions in other long-term care facilities. This organization has analyzed government data and records from state inspections for nursing homes in all 50 states. The state of Missouri was given a rating of “F” for nursing homes. There are only three states that came in below Missouri.

Indications of Nursing Home Abuse

If you are worried about your loved one who resides in a Missouri nursing home or long care facility, it is a good idea to learn what the signs of abuse are. Some red flags to be aware of include:

  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Physical problems due to lack of nutrition
  • Lack or complete loss of mobility
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Psychological issues

The fact is, nursing home abuse and neglect isn’t always going to produce physical signs. Many of the indications of a problem are emotional in nature. For example, your loved one may begin to act withdrawn and no longer participate in social activities or act differently around certain staff members.

The best way to detect situations of abuse or neglect is to visit your loved on often and monitor their physical, mental and emotional well-being. If any changes are noted, speak with the manager at the facility or an attorney.

Why Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

In some situations, nursing home abuse will continue going on until you take legal action. In addition to moving your loved one from the facility, you can also hire attorneys to ensure the responsible parties are held liable.

Hiring proper legal representation can help you recover some monetary damages for the abuse your loved one suffered. It can also give you the funds needed to help them find a more suitable place to live.

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