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Thousands of people are maimed or killed each year by defective products. Living in a consumer-driven economy, products are not safely designed, manufactured or tested before they are placed into the marketplace. Even worse, with the aim of increasing their own bottom-line, companies will distribute products knowing of a problem.

A product defect is difficult to determine. It takes a trained eye to recognize even a visible defect, and defects are often structural and hidden. People dealing with injury or death are unlikely to ever know about the defect without assistance, and timing is critical. The product must not be salvaged or changed so it can be immediately evaluated and later used as evidence. Also, the case may be barred by time limitations specific to product liability actions, namely statutes of repose.

Our firm is a leader in the field of consumer safety. We have successfully resolved product liability claims against some of the world’s largest manufacturers, including Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, Chrysler LLC, Toyota, Honda, Trailmobile, Terex Corporation, Genie Industries, Inc., and R-Vision, Inc. in cases involving defective fuel systems, seatbelts, airbags, reclining seats, roof strength and glass, anti-rollover and stability mechanisms, tires, child car seats, cranes, aerial lifts, forklifts, saw tables, semi-truck under-ride guards, lawnmowers, motor homes, water heaters, blenders and gasoline cans. We have access to restricted information about these companies and use renowned safety and engineering experts located throughout the United States to successfully advance our clients’ cases. Our work has promoted advanced safety systems in many products. Contact us immediately to see if your incident involved a product defect.