//Summer is Coming: Tips to Prevent Public Swimming Pool Accidents

Summer is Coming: Tips to Prevent Public Swimming Pool Accidents

On a hot summer afternoon, the pool offers the promise of relaxation and rest for weary parents who want a few hours of entertainment for their kids. However, in public settings, swimming pools also represent a real hazard. If an injury or death occurs in a public pool setting, the property owner may be held liable. To reduce liability and help ensure everyone remains safe while enjoying the pool, use the tips here.

Put Up the Right Fencing

It is essential to install an effective fence with locking gate around all swimming pools. Some guidelines to use when choosing and installing the fence include:

  • Ensure the fence is at least four feet high with openings no larger than four inches.
  • Install a self-latching, self-closing gate.
  • Install gate alarms that are armed after regular pool hours.

Prohibit the Use of Alcohol around the Pool

As the temperatures go up, many residents are going to want to enjoy an adult beverage while beside the pool. However, water and drinking just don’t mix. Even in the shallow end, an intoxicated swimmer may not be able to fully support themselves.

It is a good idea to post signs that communicate the message that drinking is not allowed while using the pool. It may even be necessary to hire someone to monitor the apartment pool or to train lifeguards to handle intoxicated swimmers.

Limit the Number of Guests Allowed at One Time

Always make it clear how many people are in the pool at one time. If there are too many people in the water at the same time, it can change the water’s chemical balance. This can lead to an increased risk of slips and falls and injuries. While most apartment complexes require a passcode or key to enter, apartment management should still have some way to figure out who is a rightful patron and who is just trying to sneak in.

Block all the Right Places

Regardless of how many warning signs you post and how diligent you are about who is using the pool, and how carefully you block off dangerous areas, there is someone bound to find something they aren’t supposed to. Regardless of if a child gets their finger stuck in a pool drain or someone messes with the wrong dial or pump, barriers and covers can help to keep patrons from accessing parts of the pool they shouldn’t.

Use drain covers for any pool that may have children in it and keep faulty equipment or renovation areas cordoned off with fences or other barriers.

Hire a Lifeguard

While countless public pools don’t have a lifeguard on-site, you may want to think about hiring one for the summer months. This will help ensure the residents at your apartment facility remain safe and injury-free.

If you find you have been the victim of a community pool-related accident or injury, seek legal representation right away. You may be able to recover damages for the injuries you suffered.  

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