//Tips for Preventing Nursing Home Abuse

Tips for Preventing Nursing Home Abuse

Regardless of what form it takes, nursing home abuse takes advantage of extremely vulnerable people. When you place your loved one in a nursing home, it is supposed to provide them with the help they need to live a comfortable life. It is also supposed to provide you with peace of mind for you that they are receiving the level of care they need and deserve.

While it is not always going to be possible to prevent a person from being abusive toward your elderly loved one if you don’t stay by their side 24/7, there are some tips you can use to help support your loved one.

Provide Support During the Transition Phase

When you loved one is moving from their home to the nursing home, they are having to give up quite a bit of privacy they may have become accustomed to. These are things that are not easy to handle alone. It is a good idea to visit the person on a regular basis, especially while they are getting settled into their new life. You can help them create relationships with staff members and other residents, which will help you get a better feel for the facility. Also, you will be able to create a network of people you can talk with if you ever suspect abuse or neglect.

Why is Support During a Transition Period Important?

During the early transition period of moving into a nursing home, your elderly loved one may be treated as a new nameless person by the staff who have not yet met them. As a result, they may be easy to overlook or forget. You can help keep this from happening by introducing them to the staff. This will help ensure you build a relationship with the staff and that your loved one is not overlooked or forgotten simply because they are not yet well-known.

Continue Visiting on a Regular Basis

It is also important to visit your loved one after the transition period is complete. These visits will allow you to make sure their needs are being met and that you are still around to help them if they need it. During your visits, you can check to see if your loved one is in good spirits, if they look healthy and if they have any issues that need to be addressed. When you visit often, you will be able to better monitor their well-being and the level of care they are receiving.

If you ever suspect nursing home neglect or abuse and need to take the next step, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney. With the help of Bautista LeRoy Trial Attorneys, you can protect your loved one and ensure they don’t have to endure more abuse. Contact the staff today for more information on how to get started on a case.

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