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How to Avoid Driving While Distracted

One of the biggest problems on the roadways of America is distracted driving. Most people carry around mobile devices like cell phones and tablets everywhere they go. While these devices can be very helpful, they can also take your mind off of driving. Even looking down for a split second to check a text or email can lead to a collision occurring. Instead of being one of the many people involved in distracted driving accidents each year, you will need to find a way to keep your focus on the road. Consider the following suggestions when attempting to eliminate driving while distracted from your life.

Hands-Free is the Way to Be

Trying to talk on the phone and drive is impossible, not to mention very dangerous. If you just have to be on the phone while behind the wheel, going hands-free is a must. The electronics market is filled with wireless headsets that will allow you to talk while having both hands on the wheel. These devices are inexpensive and effective. Finding the right wireless products will require you to do a bit of research. The more you know about what you want, the easier you will find it to narrow down the selection.

Leave the Radio Alone

Most people fail to realize that channel surfing on the radio is also a form of distracted driving. While your inner DJ may want to come out during a road trip, you need to avoid putting too much focus on the car’s radio. Neglecting to put the proper focus on the road will lead to disastrous consequences. Finding a vehicle equipped with radio controls on the steering wheel is a great way to solve this problem. Also, making a playlist on your phone and just letting it play can reduce the amount of time you spend fidgeting with the radio.

Eliminate the Temptation of Using Your Phone

For some people, the temptation of using their phone is just too much to resist. Finding a way to reduce this temptation is vital when attempting to eliminate distracted driving. Relinquishing control of your phone to a passenger in the car is a great way to keep your hands off of it.

While it may feel like torture to begin with, you will eventually get used to it. Without a phone there to distract you, it will be much easier to keep your eyes on the road. The more alert and aware you are behind the wheel, the easier you will find it to stay out of harm’s way. The effort invested in ridding your vehicle of distractions will more than pay off in the long run.

If you have sustained serious injuries in a distracted driving accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer to find out more about your rights and whether your case is worth pursuing.

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