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Every year, our firm gives many hours in legal and support resources on a pro bono basis. Currently we are providing our services as directors of the Asian American Bar Association of Greater Kansas City (AABAKC), a non-profit organization of judges and lawyers committed to promoting the interests of the Kansas City’s Asian American community and to KC Legal, a non-profit group of Kansas City lawyers promoting local AIDS research and services. In addition, we accept court-appointed assignments on behalf of indigent clients in the areas of child abuse and neglect, and family disputes.

Our attorneys are also active members and patrons of various non-legal, non-profit organizations such as the Good Samaritan Project, St. James Parish, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City (HCCGKC), the Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City (FA-GKC) and the Kansas City Dance Festival, a unique, new non-profit organization producing shows that feature visiting dancers from other companies alongside Kansas City’s residential dancers. We take pride in community involvement and being a part of the Kansas City community.

Bautista LeRoy has founded the Bautista LeRoy Entrepreneur Scholarship, which awards a qualified Asian American attorney with less than five years’ experience and working in Kansas City as a solo practitioner or for a small firm (12 attorneys or less) memberships to AABAKC, KCMBA, and AWL and registration at that year’s Missouri Small/Solo Firm Conference and KCMBA Bench Bar and Boardroom Conference.  While the Scholarship is currently provided only in conjunction with AABAKC, the firm intends to expand the program and offer similar scholarships each year through KCMBA, AWL and other specialty bar organizations in Missouri.